How to Care for Your Eyebrow Tattoo

With the right care, eyebrow tattooing is a worthwhile investment. They will save you the frustration and time of powdering/pencilling in your eyebrows every morning and are swim, sweat and smudge proof.  The perfect solution for a gym goer or days at the beach. With that said, it’s important to be aware that they are semi-permanent. 

Why is eyebrow tattooing semi-permanent?

Cosmetic tattooing pigments are designed to be semi-permanent for a couple of reasons. The short lifespan of cosmetic tattoos means that as our face ages and our brows go south, it is possible to recreate a more lifted and youthful appearance. Another benefit is whether there is a change in trend, your hair colour, or your taste – using pigments that fade between 6-18 months allows the shape/colour to be adjusted regularly to suit.

Another benefit of modern semi-permanent pigments is that the colour fades to a light reddish-brown tone. These pigments are very easily refreshed at future appointments. Permanent inks are not designed specifically for cosmetic tattooing and will age to a dark blue, green or grey colour. These types of eyebrow tattoos usually require laser removal before modern pigments can be used over the top.

18 month old eyebrow tattoo refreshed
Bottom: Eyebrow tattoo after 18 months. Colour has faded to a reddish-brown tone. Top: Eyebrow tattoo after refresh appointment.

What do I need to do to maintain my eyebrow tattoo? 

 There are just a few lifestyle tips that will keep your eyebrow tattoo looking its best – 

Avoid the sun!

Young women having fun by the pool at hot summer day

I don’t mean lock yourself away in a dungeon…but spending extended amounts of time in direct sun is a no. If you’re going on a holiday and are out in the rays a lot, you must be smart about it. That means good SPF, a hat and even oversized sunnies, if possible.  For daily incidental sun exposure, just make sure your moisturiser has an SPF, apply over your face and brows and you’re good to go. This tip goes for maintaining youthful skin too!

Don’t use active skincare ingredients over your brow area.

Image of woman applying skin care

That BHA scrub that was recommended by your skin therapist, is great for keeping your skin glowing. But its exfoliating properties are no good for your eyebrow tattoo. Don’t freak out…you can still use your amazing skincare but just don’t apply it directly over your brows. This goes for any products with Retinol, AHA/BHAs or exfoliation products in general. If your cleanser contains acids it could be prematurely fading your eyebrow tattoo so best to cleanse around them. Avoid everything besides SPF and makeup directly over your brows. 

You still need to wax and potentially tint.

Eyebrow tattooing is magical, but it unfortunately doesn’t stop unwanted hair growth. You will still need to visit your beautician for regular waxing to keep your brows looking their best. If you have very blonde or grey brow hairs these can be more noticeable with an eyebrow tattoo. Having eyebrow tints when required will help to blend your hair with the tattoo and create a more natural look.

 So, let’s recap that advice – AVOID SUN – AVOID SKINCARE (don’t use on brows) – DO WAX & TINT. If you look after your eyebrow tattoo you will enjoy perfectly on point brows for up to 18 months. As with any cosmetic procedure, individual results do vary and are also dependent on skin types/medications and other factors. To determine how suitable Eyebrow tattooing will be for you it is best to speak with a professional. 



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