Which brow tattoo style is right for you?

Who knew there were options?

Clients often have some idea of what they would like their brows to look like. After all, who knows your morning brow routine, lifestyle and signature look better than yourself? To help determine which brow tattoo technique will be best suited to each client, I always start with a few key questions to get to know you and your brow goals.

Do you wear makeup regularly?
Do you spend much time outdoors?
Describe your skins oil flow?
Have you previously had cosmetic tattooing?

Here’s a breakdown, the pros, the cons, the features and benefits of the most up to date brow tattooing techniques available and how we guide you in the direction of your dream brows.

The most effective tattooing techniques and the 3 styles created here at Feather and Lace Cosmetic Tattoo are Microblading (also known as Feathertouch, Hairstroke), Ombré (a soft but full powdered look) or a Combination of the 2 (also known as 3D brows).


Microblading has steadily grown in popularity in the last 2 years and is the most natural of all the styles. A manual tool is used to create very fine hairstroke designs that match in harmoniously with existing brow hairs. If you have sparse growth or no hair at all, this style can create the illusion of fluffy, feathery and symmetrical brows. This style is perfect for women who don’t wear a lot of makeup or none at all.


Microblading is not a compatible method for ladies with particularly oily skin, those that spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun or dedicated users of active skincare (i.e AHA’s, Retinol etc). Because this kind of technique is the most superficial of the three, it fades prematurely when faced with the above challenges but generally lasts 12 months. We recommend a colour refresh appointment every 12 months to keep your feathery arches looking their best.


Ombré brows are a modern take on old fashioned shaded brows. The final result is a soft powdery finish with all the definition you’d normally create with brow makeup. Simplify your makeup routine and wake up with flawless brows everyday – perfect for enhancing already full brows or for lovers of makeup and all things glam. These babies are suitable for all skin types and may last longer before requiring a refresh appointment, around 1-2 years (depending on some lifestyle factors).



Last but certainly not least and my personal favourite, combining Microblading hairstrokes with Ombré powder. This technique creates a more 3D effect (hence the nickname, 3D Brows), so it looks like you have amazing feathery brows with the added definition of glamorous powder. Have the best of both styles and your own show stopping brows.


Regardless of the style you choose, Feather and Lace Cosmetic Tattoo are here to provide personalized service, trustworthy advice and to create beautiful brows that inspire confidence.  I love getting to know my clients and exceeding their expectations of what we can achieve with cosmetic brow tattooing.

With Love,


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